Thursday, March 19, 2009

Star Parts

Star Parts is the brainchild of Los Angeles resident and musician Michael Compton. He has recently added the former drummer and guitarist of L.A. bands, Sunday's Best and The Kite Eating Tree, respectively. The aforementioned drummer and guitarist, is solely Tom Ackerman. Their album is titled 'What You Bleed, Is What You Get'. There is a steady calm and confidence to this record that seems to effortlessly build up, and guide one's senses and imagination through this collection of songs. In the vein of The Red House Painters, or today's contemporary folk and rock of Band of Horses or Iron & Wine, check out a few tracks from Star Parts, and one bonus from Sunday's Best. Visit and add Star Parts at their MySpace page here. Join the brother and sisterhood of fandom on Facebook here. Visit their official Missing Records website here. Star Parts will be debuting their new lineup at The Knitting Factory's Alterknit lounge in Los Angeles, on April 15th.

"Bright Lights White" by Star Parts

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"Your Call To My Arms" by Star Parts

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"Don't Let It Fade" by Sunday's Best

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