Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Modest Mouse, Tiny Vipers

Another foreseeable hiatus, this blogger is entering holy matrimony. Here's a couple of tracks I'm really enjoying until I return.

First off, is a track of the forthcoming Modest Mouse record, titled "No One's First, and You're Last". The tracks on this record were released in 7" form, leading up to the August 18th release date. You can pre-order it through Insound, HERE.

"I've Got It All(Most)" by Modest Mouse

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Next, we have Seattle's wonderful Jesy Fortino, who is Tiny Vipers. Tiny Vipers will be playing at an incredibly intimate setting in Los Angeles, on July 27th, at The Echo Curio gallery, in Echo Park, CA. Please visit her MySpace page for more information HERE. Purchase the Tiny Vipers Album, "Life On Earth" HERE.

"Slow Motion" by Tiny Vipers

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Modest Mouse and Tiny Vipers music is available on iTunes.

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