Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Dear Friends

Check out a track from Ted Leo, prior to The Pharmacists era. "Oh Dear Friends" by Chisel, leads me to a cause in Los Angeles, this blog is involved in. Please read more below.

"Oh Dear Friends" by Chisel

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Chisel music available at iTunes.

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all well. I'm writing to you, because we've been trying to come up with a way to effectively and creatively help a good friend in need. A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with my fiancee Vanessa, and we noticed an amber alert on tv. It turns out the woman in question, is related to a friend of ours, already facing hard times, much like the rest of us. The woman in the amber alert had left a suicide note, for her and her two kids ( Luckily, she did not go through with it, and the children are fine.
Our friend in need, without hesitation, has taken in his sister's two young boys, in addition to the two daughters he already has. He has been out of work since last October, and had already been struggling to make ends meet, a task that has become twice as hard now.
What I am proposing to you, is my spin on a 'fundraiser'. Attached is an Oscar Ballot for this Sunday's Academy awards. I am asking that you fill out the ballot, and submit $5 to the pool. 100% of these proceeds will go towards helping this family in need. The twist? The winner of this contest, who was the most correct Oscar predictions, will be awarded my services for a full afternoon of the winner's choice.
I am offering myself up to do that chore you've been putting off, or your deep seeded desire to see me humiliate myself...i.e., standing on an off-ramp in hot pants and bunny ears, with a sign that says 'Honk if you're into role-playing', an example off the top of my head. I would do it, because this cause is worthy.
So please fill out the attached ballot. You can simply 'bold' highlight your picks, and email it back to me. Please include your name on each ballot. You can also send the $5 to this email, via paypal. I will even spare you the boredom of watching this year's Oscars (hosted by Hugh Jackman?), and send everyone live updates with who is winning the pool, via email and/or text messaging.
So, you can have me at your humiliating disposal for the small cost of $5! While helping a generous family man in need. I understand we're all feeling the pinch these days, but please find it in your heart to contribute.

Loving Thanks,

Please email for ballot and paypal fee.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More from Bromst...

Having a reputation for his incredibly wild live shows, I wonder what Dan Deacon is like when he's sitting at home, or wherever, conceptualizing the organized chaos that is his music? I picture a mad, brilliant scientist at work. Check out the opening track from the forthcoming 'Bromst', called 'Build Voice'.

"Build Voice" by Dan Deacon

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Previous Dan Deacon post here. Preorder 'Bromst' at Insound, here.

More? Or Dudley Moore?

Hollywood Mon Amour, is a project of Nouvelle Vague's Marc Collin. This release is very similar to what Nouvelle Vague has done, with yesteryear's contemporary songs. This self-titled release is an interpretation of 80's heavy soundtrack hits. Hearing 'Arthur's Theme' reminds me of being a small lad, and hearing this track faintly played from my Mother's alarm clock radio. I kinda feel that this record gets repetitive pretty easily, but check it out as some of the guest vocalists include Jenny Lewis, Skye from Morcheeba, and Nadeah Miranda from Nouvelle Vague.
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"Arthur's Theme" by Hollywood Mon Amour

Hollywood, Mon Amour album available here from Amazon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Double D

Dan Deacon's latest album, titled 'Bromst', is set for release on March 24th, via Carpark Records. I'm currently listening to my copy, and it's quite an array of beautiful noise. A few of the tracks are coming in past the 7 minute mark, but don't feel like they're dilly-dallying with our senses. Check out a track below.

"Snookered" by Dan Deacon

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Preorder 'Bromst' from Insound here. Additional Dan Deacon music available at iTunes.

How Joan of Arc felt.

Check out The Treepeople's cover of 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'. Treepeople featured current Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch.

"Bigmouth Strikes Again" by Treepeople

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Treepeople music available at iTunes, Amazon, or Emusic.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mit Out Sound

Anyone technologically savvy out there? I somehow managed to disable the Audio Driver on my computer, rendering all sound gone. I've jumped on sites with different pieces of advice, but of course can't find the original software disc this computer came with...any magic solutions? Feel free to post. Until then, check out some GBV.

"Big Fan of The Pigpen" by Guided By Voices

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Guided by Voices music available at iTunes and Amazon.

Le Clientele

This song always reminds me of warm, L.A. summer nights with the spirit of Phil Spector, before he grew crazy hair, and shot his ladies.

"I Had To Say This" by The Clientele

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Clientele music available at iTunes.

A Drink For All My Friends...

Based in San Francisco, Mi Ami features two members of the now defunct Black Eyes. Mi Ami possesses a chaotic rhythm that's unrelenting and savage, while at the same time maintains an underlying effort that allows for a little toe tapping. Their debut album, titled 'Watersports', is to be released on February 17th, on the wonderful Touch and Go record label. Check out a track titled "New Guitar", as well as an interview from XLR8R magazine, below.

"New Guitar" by Mi Ami

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XLR8R interview can be seen here.