Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Never Forgetters.

Forgetters is Blake Schwarzenbach's latest project. I hope this one lasts longer than his last project, Thorns of Life, which I quite enjoyed as well. Rather than ramble on about whether or not this new material sounds more like Jawbreaker, or more like Jets to Brazil, I'll let you listen to "The Night Accelerates" below.

Blake is joined by former Against Me! drummer Kevin Mahon and bass player Caroline Pacquita. Seems like the same type line up as Thorns of Life, but I haven't confirmed if his bassist was part of the ensemble cast of "The L Word"?

One thing I can be certain about is, that Blake continues to build on his prolific punk rock legacy, with this self-titled EP courtesy of Too Small to Fail Records. Forgetters will be playing two L.A. shows next month. This aging music nerd is left to decide which night he will be attending? The 22-year old version of me, would have no-doubtedly already bought tickets for both.

"The Night Accelerates" by Forgetters

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