Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bends

I'm really loving this accompanying, second disc for Radiohead's "The Bends" re-issue. Where have you been this whole time, extra songs? Check out two below, and a previous post about the "Pablo Honey" re-issue here. Purchase "The Bends" reissue discs from Insound here.

"Maquiladora" by Radiohead

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"How Can You Be Sure?" by Radiohead

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Jason said...

uh, these songs have been out a long time, on singles and bootlegs. they are great indeed.

EarEyeNoseCandyBlog said...

That is true, Jason. At the time that many of these Japanese imports and bootlegs were released as a supplement when these albums originally came out, we just couldn't justify spending the money on these import versions and bootlegs...especially with all the various expenses that came with being in college at that time, and Al Gore's invention of the internet didn't have a lot of these tracks easily available yet!