Friday, January 9, 2009

Notes From The Underground

Two hip hop tracks for your weekend. Check out Radioinactive and Boom Bip...from back in the day when he was still putting out hip hop.

"My Education" by RadioiInactive

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"The Birdcatcher's Return" by Boom Bip

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A local show to report about for tonight, Blog pals Franco Near Death are playing at The Scene in Glendale. Approximate set time is 10p. Check out their radio appearance from earlier this week here, from Franco frontman Sunil Sajwani has weathered the storm of several band member line up changes to bring forth Franco Near Death's brand of thoughtful melancholy. Hearing Sajwani's earnest crooning reminds me of Bob Mould's softer melodies from Husker Du or Sugar. FND is raw, but continues to grow musically. Check out their MySpace page here.

"Morning Panic" by Franco Near Death

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I kinda feel like there's not much left to say about how great Deerhunter is. The kids that love them already love them, and the kids that have to hear about them all the time seem a little put off. Here's a few tracks from Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. that I haven't seen too much of in the blogosphere.

"VHS Dream" by Deerhunter

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"Neither of us, Uncertainly" by Deerhunter

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Health Club

The Health Club are a 3-piece band from our often superficial Los Angeles, but you won't find anything artificial about these guys. Keeping alive the great sound of bands like Sebadoh, Archers of Loaf, and Guided By Voices while adding their own, The Health Club are proof that talent alone will not gain you everything. This is one L.A. band I'm consistently rooting for the stars to be aligned, and for them to gain the recognition they truly deserve. They are the epitome of a hard working band that never gives up, and will play anywhere, anytime. Their live performances will leave you with a ringing in your ear, a smile on your face, sweat on your brow, and will have you wanting more. Check out a few tracks and videos below.

"The Muse From Venus" by The Health Club

Download here or thru YSI.

"Fragile" by The Health Club

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Live performance of "Swim"

Music Video for "Calm Down"

Health Club music available at iTunes or at

Die! Die! Die!

For fans of The Trail of Dead, who can't seem to get into the Renaissance Fair thing they have seemed to get really into, check out New Zealand's Die!Die!Die! A dark sound, with blazingly fast rhythms, Die!Die!Die! is much heralded for their wild live performances. Check out a few tracks below.

"Death To The Last Romantic" by Die!Die!Die!

Download here or here

"Sideways Here We Come" by Die!Die!Die!

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Music Video for "Sideways Here We Come" below:

Die!Die!Die! music is available on iTunes or Amazon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Local Music.

One of the tallest bands we have in L.A., The Coco B's make me feel warm and carefree, upon hearing their music. Straight forward pop stylings that will ring in your ears and last in your mind. I also have the pleasure of knowing Coco B's percussionist Bob Penn, an enthusiast of all things zany in life. The Coco B's also have a merchandise page, here. The Coco B's are currently in 'the lab' recording new material...probably not at this particular moment, but when they have time. Check out "Modern Lover" and "I Live in L.A." below.

"Modern Lover" by The Coco B's

Download here

"I Live in L.A." by The Coco B's

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Live perfomance of "Modern Lover"

Coco B's music is available on iTunes. Visit The Coco B's blog here, and 'fan them' on your Facebook, here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Health Club Live Tonight!

Check out The Health Club tonight at The Bordello in Downtown L.A., formerly Little Pedro's. To entice you, a video of The Health Club covering my favorite RIDE song, and another track from Rarities & Outtakes.

"The Good Days" by The Health Club

Download here

"Vapour Trail" by The Health Club

Visit The Health Club at their MySpace page.

Heavy Mettle.

A new year is upon us, and this is the time of year when cigarette sales are down, and gym memberships are up. In the next few weeks, the converse of these two trends will surely change gradually and steadily for those of us who swear. I find it's best to resolve something new every year you don't even partake in. In recent years, I've given up golf, antiquing on the weekends, dating Haitian girls, Crystal Meth Saturdays, and dancing at Burning Man. See how that works? Enjoy some morning music below:

"Arms Against Atrophy" by Titus Andronicus

Download here

"The Guns of Brixton(Clash Cover)" by The Arcade Fire

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday in L.A.

Robert Francis is beginning his free residency at The Echo tonight. Mondays in L.A. can be slow, and many of us are back to work for the first time, in a long time. Check out "One by One" below, and check out any of Robert Francis' performances every Monday night this month. Also, at 3pm today, check out EarEyeNoseCandy pals Franco Near Death performing acoustically on ISGOODMUSIC.COM. Click here for the live stream at 3pm today.

"One by One" by Robert Francis

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