Friday, March 20, 2009

Pablo Honey

It's astounding how many Radiohead 'fans' I've discovered who don't own, acknowledge, or listen to "Pablo Honey". I wonder if Miley Cyrus and Kanye West fall into that demographic? Check out some tracks from the re-issue of Pablo Honey, available from Insound here. Including the slightly different US version of "Stop Whispering".

"Faithless, The Wonderboy" by Radiohead

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"Stop Whispering" by Radiohead

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Radiohead music available on iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

Thats because Pablo Honey is by far their worst album. And Miley Cyrus has probably only listened to In Rainbows, but says she likes Kid A and OK Computer because she knows thats what shes supposed to say.

Jiggs Casey said...

Agreed. Even Thom Yorke would agree with you. They call it "Crap" instead of "Creep", and he has personally stated that he thinks the pacing and general flow of the album is no good. There are some good points, and I listened to it all the time in high school, but everything else they have done since then is better by an incredible margin. I listen to a couple songs now and again, but if I ever try to listen to the whole album now, I stop part way through and just put on Ok Computer instead.