Friday, December 4, 2009

Week of Nepotism

Nepotism is only bad in our book, if you are a Bush Twin, Kardashian, or your boss' kids. Here's a track from Serge Gainsbourg's daughter, Charlotte. Her new album is titled "IRM". The album is co-written and produced by L.A.'s own Beck Hansen. The album showcase's Gainsbourg's eclectic style, as well as Beck's influence in the studio. Check out "Me and Jane Doe" below. You can pre-order the album before the January 26th release date HERE.

"Me & Jane Doe" by Charlotte Gainsbourg

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is it good for?

Here's two tracks in the aftermath of President Obama's speech last night, calling for an increase in troops in Afghanistan. Didn't we win all those wars already? We had that big ceremony where W dressed like an action figure, on top of that destroyer, all those years ago. Looks like more fodder for Glenn Beck and company.

Check out the first track "Intro", from The XX, featuring Jimmy Jams of Brother Reade on vocals of this remix, in reference to World Wars Three and Four. I can't stress how lucky the city of L.A. is to be blessed with Brother Reade.

"Intro" (Featuring Jimmy Jams of Brother Reade) by The XX
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And lastly, here's a track from the pride of Hoboken, New Jersey's Yo La Tengo. Its a cover of a Sun Ra track, titled "Nuclear War". I read some time ago that the band members coerced their nieces and nephews to help record this track, without telling their parents of the obscenities involved. There's something refreshing about hearing a chorus of kids chant, "It's a motherfucker!". Give a peep to the track below.

"Nuclear War" by Yo La Tengo

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beach House + Extended Ticket Giveaway!

Here's a track from Beach House's forthcoming record, "Teen Dream", to be released by the oh so wonderful Sub Pop Records, their new label. You can pre-order the album and accompanying DVD from Insound HERE, prior to the January 26th release date.

I've been hearing "Norway" played relentlessly at bars and clubs around town lately. And for good reason, "Teen Dream" is what many are anticipating as Beach House's breakthrough, more mainstream success record. They've created a highly lush, dreamscape in the collection of songs that comprise this album. Check out "Walk In The Park" below. Who knew such dreamy sounds could come from Maryland?

(Maryland's Beach House)

"Walk In The Park" by Beach House

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(Samuel Stewart)

And, L.A. people, don't forget to enter our ticket giveaway for Samuel Stewart at Spaceland tomorrow night! Just email us at Samuel Stewart Spaceland Ticket Giveaway!

Winner of two free tickets will be drawn Wednesday morning!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Beck Covers, and Spaceland on WEDNESDAY Night!

After covering The Velvet Underground, Beck Hansen takes on another large undertaking of work, in the latest installment of his 'Record Club' series, this time covering Leonard Cohen.

I will always stand firm in my belief of where cover songs stand. Unless they are truly "re-imagined" by the covering artist, the original will always reign supreme. Check out "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye" by Beck below.

"Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen)" by Beck

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I also wanted to mention Samuel Stewart's show at Spaceland Wednesday night, for Club NME. We're giving away two free tickets! Just email us at, for your chance to see him live. His live performance is surely worth checking out.

I had the pleasure of seeing his exclusive performance at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park a few weekends ago. Although it was a brief set, it certainly was an intimate and enjoyable one. If you're expecting the offspring of a famous musician to be Kardashian-like and spoiled, Stewart is not your man. Tiny in stature, his sound is quite large. Fans of The Decemberists should see him live. Check out "Devil Music" below. Visit the Facebook event page HERE.

"Devil Music" by Samuel Stewart

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