Friday, February 19, 2010


Here's a track from an EP that was released last week, from L.A.'s own, Giant Drag. One of our crudest, wittiest gems in the city, Annie Hardy, has added three new songs to the addition of "Swan Song", which was written and performed a few years back on L.A.'s internet station GetTheFuckUp Radio, along with a great acoustic medley of Misfits songs, which we've featured on this site in the past. According to their official site, this EP is a collection of one song each year since their release of "Hearts & Unicorns", back in 2006.

Seems as if for a little while, the existence of Giant Drag hinged upon Annie's other half of the duo, Micah Calabrese, and his willingness to be in a full fledged, touring machine. Either way, we're extremely glad they are in the music making business at the moment. Check out "White Baby" below.

Having the privilege of catching Giant Drag at numerous shows in L.A., one of my fondest memories in the vast collection of Annie Hardy live banter, is her between song intro of a song, proclaiming, "This next song is about snorting a lot of drugs, and waking up the next day, covered in semen." Beware to hecklers, someone in the crowd attempted to retort, and Annie fired back with a dry, "Don't make me come over there and sh*t in your mouth." Highly disarming from the front woman who's small in stature, but large in gusto.

"White Baby" by Giant Drag

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