Friday, January 16, 2009

The Delta Mirror

In order for one to truly enjoy The Delta Mirror, one must listen at higher than normal volumes. Doing so will allow you to fully partake in the ethereal experience that is their album, titled "Machines That Listen". Their music is clever, haunting, and lingering. Check out their band page here.

"He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You" by The Delta Mirror

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"Going to Town" by The Delta Mirror

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The Delta Mirror album "Machines That Listen" is available on iTunes.

Death On The Radio

I've been complaining for years how L.A. FM Rock radio still plays (on a regular, hourly rotation) songs from the '90's, like Rage Against The Machine, BUSH, Nirvana songs from Nevermind, and even more unlistenable choices from Linkin Park. With the exception of KXLU. Isn't Los Angeles a major market? I'm convinced robots are behind the controls, not deejays. Just this week, L.A.'s 'Indie' station, Indie 103.1 chose to go off the air, due to slumping ratings. All of this, even while they became less 'indie' over the years with their programming. Their selections were mostly bland, boring, and unoriginal. In an era when a lot of media sources are dying, Indie 103.1 is now on the internet only...maintaining the tradition of Indie 103.1 being years behind the trends(with the exception of Steve Jonesy's Jukebox). Do yourselves a favor and check out, or even Seattle's trailblazing, and truly 'Indie' station KEXP. Unless you'd rather listen to the likes of Danny Masterson play what he thinks is 'Indie'? Music starts with grass roots. Music starts at places like blogs, and the people who have made The Hype Machine popular. The traditional radio has been dead for years.

Some songs dedicated to Indie 103.1

"The Ballad of Sin Eater" by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

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"U-Mass" by The Pixies

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plastic Little

Plastic Little have played shows with Vampire Weekend. I like hearing about groups like Brother Reade opening for Mates of State, or The Cool Kids playing with Matt & Kim. We need more of that. We also couldn't be hurt by the prospects of more light hearted hip hop like Plastic Little. Check out 'R5', which features a PJ Harvey Sample.

"R5" by Plastic Little

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"Foil" by Plastic Little

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Plastic Little music available on iTunes

The Browns

Where's Brooklyn at? Here's where Brooklyn's at. The Browns are a three piece from the BK. Their music is down and dirty, lo-fi rock played at an unforgiving rate. The Browns are playing some shows with the previously mentioned Soft Pack, but unfortunately only on the East Coast. Check out two from The Browns, below.

"Forgotten Son" by The Browns

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"For The Saints" by The Browns

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The Browns merchandise available at 1928 Recordings.

More Upcoming L.A. shows

The Soft Pack are a Southern California band that are poised to break. With a garage sound akin to The Modern Lovers, The Soft Pack are gracing Los Angeles with three shows at The Echo, on January 28th, and two more shows in February. Check out a Soft Pack track below, and one track under the bands former moniker, The Muslims.

"Parasites" by The Soft Pack

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"Grinding Halt (Cure Cover)" by The Muslims

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The Soft Pack music is available at Insound.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Face Control

Check out some new tracks from the yet to be released husband and wife duo, The Handsome Furs. Their upcoming album is called 'Face Control', which will be released on March 10th, on the still prolific Sub Pop Records.

"Talking Hotel Arbat Blues" by The Handsome Furs

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"Nyet Spasiba" by The Handsome Furs

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"Radio Kaliningrad" by The Handsome Furs

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Worst lyric of all time?

I heard what I think could be the worst R&B lyric of all time, blaring from a car in a gas station last night, "...I just want to party, all over your body." Not sure who's the author of this is gem is? I knew a kid in high school, who used to blare R.Kelly out of his car all the time. He claimed that this type of music was a valuable tool in making teenage girls take their panties off. It just makes me think of an old Mr.Show sketch below. Also, check out a few Wednesday tracks...

"Asshole" by Beck

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"Friends Back East" by Jawbreaker

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Three Times One Minus One music video:

Beck and Jawbreaker music available at iTunes or Amazon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tonight in L.A.

If you live in L.A, you are currently experiencing some quite excellent weather. Return the favor to our city, and do yourself one too. Check out Brother Reade and Warpaint at The EchoPlex tonight. Doors open at 8:30pm. Give a listen to some Brother Reade and Warpaint tracks below.

"Billie Holiday" by Warpaint

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"Stars" by Warpaint

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"Bells" by Brother Reade

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Brother Reade music available on iTunes.

Arecee of Iowa.

Hailing from the state that propelled the President Elect's victory march, Arecee is a one man gang of rhythm and rhyme. Trudging along the underground hip hop movement for years, Rich 'Arcee' Hall has quite a collection of solid tracks under his belt. He is lyrically witty, and vocally deep. Drawing a lot of comparisons to emcee Aesop Rock, Arecee can definitely carry his own weight. Interesting side note, Arecee's sister is Leslie Hall, internet sensation of Leslie & The Ly's, of sweater fame. Check out Arecee tracks below. His official site states he's in the studio working on what is no doubt, his next innovative album.

"All We Have" by Arecee

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"Take A Few" by Arecee

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Arecee music available on iTunes or Amazon.

Monday, January 12, 2009


As of today, it'll be one week since I'm nicotine free. My fiancee's response to my temperament and mood swings? "Welcome to being a chick." Everything anyone recommends to help quit is total b.s.

"Head On (J & M Chain Cover)" by The Pixies

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"Car (The Normal Years Version)" by Built To Spill

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More Shitty L.A. bands.

This show poster takes the cake. Which one of these guys came up with the brilliant idea for this band photo? "Who knows an industrial place we could use as a backdrop? Make sure there's an oil barrel there!"

More awful band names: Necro...The King of Death Rap(I kinda think this one is funny), Uncle Junkie, Lady Bug Stingray, DangerBone, Blacklight Resistance, Snot, The Love Grenades...that's all I can take for now.

Once again, I'm inclined to listen to some great bands from a few years back. Check out some songs from bands that don't suck:

"Can I Say" by Dag Nasty

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"It's Just Like Surgery" by The Warlocks

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Monday Morning.

I think The Golden Globes is the only watchable awards show. All your celebs are gradually drunker after each commercial break. Also, you don't have to sit through every musical performance nominated for the 'Best Song From A Motion Picture' category, which equals no Randy Newman or Phil Collins, like the Oscars. Big ups to '30 Rock' getting the due it deserves last night(including a great speech from Tracy Morgan), and for Mickey Rourke getting the Best Male Actor award for 'The Wrestler'. Check out two tracks to welcome your Monday, below:

"It's Alright" by Spacemen 3

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"Art Is Hard" by Cursive

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