Friday, April 22, 2011

Delta Mirror Remix, Reimagine, Redux

The Delta Mirror have been compiling a collection of remixes and covers by other artists for about the last year or so. They're ready and available for free download. New life is definitely breathed into the already wonderful Machines That Listen.

Also included, is a cover of And The Radio Played On, by their Chico, CA buddies, The Shimmies. Odd Nosdam, Busdriver, and Blue Sky Black Death, are some of the artists that take a stab at reworking the Delta Mirror. Head over to the Lefse Records site, to download the album for free.

Check out "Going To Town" as remixed by Swingset Committee, below.

"Going To Town (Swingset Committee Remix)"

Download via YSI or zShare
Or directly HERE.

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