Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pop Sensibility.

Here's two brand new tracks I'm really enjoying lately. The first is a track from the forthcoming Film School album, titled "Fission". The album will be released on August 31st, courtesy of Hi-Speed Soul Records. Check out the steady, melodic drones on "Still Might". Film School will make an L.A. stop on their tour on October 21st, at The Echo. Visit their MySpace page, at the top of their page is an offer to pre-order their album, in which the band will send you a signed, physical copy.

"Still Might" by Film School

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The second track will make all the kids with a hankering for Passion Pit, Phoenix, and Vampire Weekend quite happy, a track called "Boy" from Ra Ra Riot. The album will be released on August 24th, by Death Cab friendly Barsuk Records. Ra Ra Riot brings their act to the Music Box in L.A. on October 20th.

"Boy" by Ra Ra Riot

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Ra Ra Riot & Film School music is available at Insound.

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