Friday, December 5, 2008

LCD Soundsystem

A fantastic video set to LCD Soundsystem's "New York, I Love You", courtesy of The Punk Guy. LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has always been keenly self deprecating, as I'd imagine chubby singers of disco punk bands that sound like a crooning muppet during slow songs, must inevitably have to be...Mp3 of track available below.

Download "New York, I Love You" by The LCD Soundsystem here

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brother Reade.

Brother Reade is my favorite hip hop duo from LA via North Carolina. Their name is derived from frontman emcee Jimmy Jamz' little brother who suffers from autism. I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy after a show a few years back and was taken aback by his sincere love of the group and it's fans. Check out two great tracks below, and their video for "Invasion on Eight Legs".

"Invasion on Eight Legs" by Brother Reade

Download here

"The Marcie Song" by Brother Reade

Download here

"Invasion on Eight Legs" video

New York, New York.

Here are two of my favorite NYC bands right now. First off, Ravens & Chimes. They're a 6 piece with a glockenspiel player...don't be intimated, check out one of my favorite tracks called "General Lafayette, you are not alone!" below. The second is from a Brooklyn band called Motel Motel. Check out the mp3 for "Coffee" below. Two NYC bands with a promising future that will hopefully bring them to LA, one day soon.

"General Lafayette, you are not alone!" by Ravens & Chimes

Download Ravens & Chimes track here

"Coffee" by Motel, Motel

Download Motel, Motel track here

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This is a track from the soundtrack for the upcoming movie biopic of Notorious B.I.G., titled "Notorious". Kanye West producing, Santogold featured by sample...enjoy. This is a leaked track, and is quickly becoming scarce on the web, as cease & desist orders are flying amok from Bad Boy records. Check out "Brooklyn (Go Hard)" below.

"Brooklyn (Go Hard)"

Download here

Two additional songs on hump day...

...which to me, accordingly act as hump songs. The first is "The Choice" by The Make Up. A spastic, soulful, gospel, and punk NYC act, now defunct. The second, "Hello, Hello" by Graig Markel, former singer of a great 90's band called New Sweet Breath.

"The Choice" by Make Up

Download "The Choice" here

"Hello, Hello" by Graig Markel

Download "Hello, Hello" here

The Kool Aid.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is headed by irreverent frontman Anton Newcombe, and has had more line-up changes than Menudo. Releasing 9 albums, 4 EP's, and 15 singles since the early 90's, The Jonestown Massacre are still pushing on, solely at the behest of Anton. Check out the mp3 below for "The Ballad of Jim Jones", and the trailer for a documentary that came out a few years ago about The Jonestown Massacre and their rivalry with one of my least favorite bands on this earth, The Dandy Warhols.

"The Ballad of Jim Jones" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Download here

Trailer for "Dig!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mistaken Identity

A few years ago, I was at a snobby party in West Hollywood. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a pension to speak loud, even whilst attempting to 'whisper'. Well, a minor celebrity was a few feet away, and I attempted to 'whisper' to everyone in my company that, "Look over there! It's Dermot Mulroney!" Yes, of Young Guns and chick movies fame. Well, more embarrassing than the person I'm talking about hearing me, is that the minor celebrity in question was actually someone else. Dylan McDermott, of...I can't readily name anything he was in right now, stopped his conversation, and seemingly the record scratched and everyone at the party stopped to look at us to hear Dylan McDermott proclaim, "Um...actually, I'm Dylan McDermott...not Dermot Mulroney." Hence, I yell, 'Dylan-Mc-Dermott Mulroney!' whenever I see either of them on television or film. Check out 'Vitamin C' by CAN.

"Vitamin C" by CAN

Download "Vitamin C" here

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yes, they're white.

The Black Keys once impressed rapper Mos Def at a festival show a few years back with their live chops. Mos was documented as exclaiming, "All that noise is coming from only two white boys?!" Yes, it is indeed true. Check out "Heavy Soul" from their first release from back in 2002, titled "The Big Come Up".

Listen to "Heavy Soul" here

Download "Heavy Soul" here