Thursday, April 1, 2010

Avril Fools

Holland Oates
Here's a track from the new Bird & The Bee tribute album to Hall & Oates. I have an older sister who is responsible for my unrealized, subliminal love for these hits. Kudos to Bird & The Bee for also paying homage to the "Private Eyes" album cover, which I was far too familiar with, looking at my sister's collection of Hall & Oates cassettes, in the early 80's. Check out their cover of "Maneater" below. You can order the album "Interpreting The Masters, Volume 1, A Tribute to Hall & Oates" at Amazon.

"Maneater (Hall & Oates)" by The Bird & The Bee
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Ted Leo & Rx
A great time was had this past Saturday night at The Troubadour, to anyone who caught the Ted Leo & The Pharmacists show. Along with showcasing tracks from their latest "Brutalist Bricks" record, Ted also managed to close the night with a great cover of The Misfits "Angel Fuck". I also enjoyed the awkward interaction that caused Ted Leo to ask "what I was doing" when I snapped the photo below, between the runway area of the Troubadour stage and the upstairs lounge, while Ted was speaking to the audience between songs. Check out "Bottled In Cork" from a previous post HERE.

(Ted Leo & The Pharmacists live at The Troubadour)

The Bird & The Bee music is available at Amazon.

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