Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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The Fall is officially here, and so is new television. Last night, FOX unveiled their return to smart comedy, by premiering two new shows, Raising Hope and Running Wilde.

Running Wilde comes from the creator of Arrested Development, and stars Will Arnett, aka GOB Bluth, also aka Mr. Amy Poehler, and that chick from Felicity and the Noxema commercials. The premise involves Arnett as a grown up, rich kid who can buy everything he wants, except that lost teenage love...enter Felicty's Keri Russell. It's like an American 'Arthur'. David Cross made a cameo last night, and I look forward to seeing more of the far fetched hilarity, to see what this series has to offer. Visit their official site here. Running Wilde is on Fox, Tuesday nights at 9:30pm.

In the preceding 9:00pm slot, Fox also premiered Raising Hope. The premise involves the main character, Jimmy Chance, raising a wedlock baby he made with a female crime spree murderer, who gets the electric chair, leaving Jimmy to raise 'Hope' on his own, with the help of his kooky family, played by Keanu Reeve's girlfriend in Parenthood, Martha Plimpton, Cloris Leachman as his senile great grandmother, and his father is played by this scoundrel, in The Road, Garet Dillahunt.

This unconventional comedy involved projectile vomiting onto baby 'Hope', antiquated baby car seats violently rolling around a back seat, and raver pacifier gags...what else can you ask for? Raising Hope airs Tuesday nights on FOX, at 9pm.

Enjoy these two shows while you can...we all know what the execs at FOX did to Arrested Development, after all.

And for my best music news of the Fall, Superchunk have released "Majesty Shredding", on MERGE. Mac and company can do no wrong in my book. Check out "Fractures in Plaster" below. Also check out a great video of comedian Todd Barry covering 'Horror Business' by the Misfits, with Superchunk.

"Fractures in Plaster" by Superchunk

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