Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leaves In The Gutter

A happy St. Patrick's Day to all. And a tribute to Mac McCaughan, founder of MERGE Records, Superchunk, and Portastatic. Mac's efforts in last year's North Carolina Democratic Primaries, also proved to be quite pivotal, in teaming up with The Arcade Fire for Concerts for Obama. Superchunk is releasing 'Leaves In The Gutter' on April 7th, which you can preorder through Insound, here. This 5 song EP proves Mac and Company can still churn out the great Superchunk melody.

"Learned To Surf" by Superchunk

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Jeff Stern said...

You may also be interested in Superchunk rocking live last year to benefit Cy Rawls, local music fan. The benefit is available at http://www.cytunes.org/album/20/ and all proceeds go to brain cancer research.

Disclosure: I'm a volunteer for CyTunes.