Friday, January 22, 2010

Do Not Support This Man!!!

(Holy Crap, my head is as large as Jay Leno's!)

This picture of me was taken a few years back, when I went to see The Silversun Pickups play on the Tonight Show. The funny thing is, I didn't even ask to have my picture taken...I was simply leaning on a clown car, that happened to belong to The King of Late Night Indian Givers himself. He came out to his car, and immediately assumed I was waiting for him, as one of his throngs of adoring 'no' fans. Hence this picture.

Most Americans would kill to retire. Jay Leno apparently, can wait. You'd think him tooling around Burbank, showing off his stove piper cars to the locals, would be enough for him to call it a day?

Tonight marks Conan O' Brien's last night on NBC's Tonight Show. Tune in tonight, for what will be a highly entertaining last venture, for what I, and all the other supporters of "CoCo" feel is the bittersweet end to a rotten deal.

Its not about the money, as Conan and staff have been handsomely rewarded. Its about an employer going back on its word. Its about some high level suits at NBC being out of touch, and thinking the general public will swallow whatever they spoon feed. Its about showing the NBC brass that, without the fans and viewers, they have nothing. Dick Ebersol of NBC, seems to be quite outspoken on this whole debacle. He has called Conan, chicken-hearted and gutless, in his criticism of Jay Leno, and NBC. He has also called Conan's version of The Tonight Show, "an astounding failure". Wait til this geriatric version of the abonimable snowman sees the ratings for this year's Winter Olympics.

Everyone can agree, that Jay is as funny as this past election's Republican tour rallies...actually, those were funnier. While Conan may have struggled translating his schtick to a more mainstream audience, his genuine effort to provide a truly satirical and relevant vehicle to late night is to be commended, and instead left unappreciated and misunderstood by Jeff Zucker and crew, who think they know what America wants.

So, spread the word to everyone to watch Conan's last NBC Tonight Show. Tell your friends who are Nielsen families to watch! Hell, host an impromptu viewing party.

On a side note, is it too vindictive to possibly tell the loyal Conan fans to try to get Tonight Show taping tickets starting on March 1st, and formally protest Jay Leno's return to The Tonight Show? To have everyone in the studio audience sit on their hands, in silence, in response to the out of touch comedy of Jay Leno? Maybe give the NBC execs something to fret about? Stranger movements have started online.

Best of luck to Conan, wherever he lands next. Grumblings have said HBO, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, or Fox as possibilities. I can't help but giggle, when I think that NBC's lawyers sat in a room somewhere, actually muttering the words, "You cannot take 'the masturbating bear' sketch to your next network!". Farewell for now, Coco...I can't wait to see the "Cone-Zone" on a network that does your humor justice.

Here's a lullaby from Passion Pit, to bid adieu.

"Sleepyhead (Acoustic Piano Version)" by Passion Pit

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