Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back...with The Blacks...

A long hiatus, and seeing some 'Real Americans' in Las Vegas, it's time for some new tracks.

First off, here's a track from the new album by The Blacks. Check out their MySpace page here. Fans of certain three piece rock bands with two guy, one girl lead singer configurations should definitely take a listen to this one. Check out "Tiger Song" below. (Set of Hand Claps included)

"Tiger Song" by The Blacks

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Next up, some of the sweet sounds from Portugal, The Man. You can visit their MySpace page HERE. Here's a track from their forthcoming album titled "The Satanist", which is available for preorder HERE. Check out "Work All Day" below.

"Work All Day" by Portugal The Man

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Portugal The Man music is available on iTunes.

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