Monday, January 12, 2009

More Shitty L.A. bands.

This show poster takes the cake. Which one of these guys came up with the brilliant idea for this band photo? "Who knows an industrial place we could use as a backdrop? Make sure there's an oil barrel there!"

More awful band names: Necro...The King of Death Rap(I kinda think this one is funny), Uncle Junkie, Lady Bug Stingray, DangerBone, Blacklight Resistance, Snot, The Love Grenades...that's all I can take for now.

Once again, I'm inclined to listen to some great bands from a few years back. Check out some songs from bands that don't suck:

"Can I Say" by Dag Nasty

Dowload via YSI or zShare

"It's Just Like Surgery" by The Warlocks

Download via YSI or zShare

Purchase Dag Nasty and The Warlocks music at iTunes or Amazon.

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