Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Arecee of Iowa.

Hailing from the state that propelled the President Elect's victory march, Arecee is a one man gang of rhythm and rhyme. Trudging along the underground hip hop movement for years, Rich 'Arcee' Hall has quite a collection of solid tracks under his belt. He is lyrically witty, and vocally deep. Drawing a lot of comparisons to emcee Aesop Rock, Arecee can definitely carry his own weight. Interesting side note, Arecee's sister is Leslie Hall, internet sensation of Leslie & The Ly's, of sweater fame. Check out Arecee tracks below. His official site states he's in the studio working on what is no doubt, his next innovative album.

"All We Have" by Arecee

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"Take A Few" by Arecee

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