Friday, January 16, 2009

Death On The Radio

I've been complaining for years how L.A. FM Rock radio still plays (on a regular, hourly rotation) songs from the '90's, like Rage Against The Machine, BUSH, Nirvana songs from Nevermind, and even more unlistenable choices from Linkin Park. With the exception of KXLU. Isn't Los Angeles a major market? I'm convinced robots are behind the controls, not deejays. Just this week, L.A.'s 'Indie' station, Indie 103.1 chose to go off the air, due to slumping ratings. All of this, even while they became less 'indie' over the years with their programming. Their selections were mostly bland, boring, and unoriginal. In an era when a lot of media sources are dying, Indie 103.1 is now on the internet only...maintaining the tradition of Indie 103.1 being years behind the trends(with the exception of Steve Jonesy's Jukebox). Do yourselves a favor and check out, or even Seattle's trailblazing, and truly 'Indie' station KEXP. Unless you'd rather listen to the likes of Danny Masterson play what he thinks is 'Indie'? Music starts with grass roots. Music starts at places like blogs, and the people who have made The Hype Machine popular. The traditional radio has been dead for years.

Some songs dedicated to Indie 103.1

"The Ballad of Sin Eater" by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

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"U-Mass" by The Pixies

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Ted Leo and Pixies music available at iTunes or Amazon.


Anonymous said...

when is KROQ gonna die?

EarEyeNoseCandyBlog said...

KROQ's been dead for over 10 years, but is still walking around...they're like the Larry King of radio stations.