Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lose Your Soul

Here's a track from Ryan Gosling and pal Zach Shields' project, Dead Man's Bones. This is not Dogstar or The Bacon Brothers, or any of the terrible incarnations that actors in the past have put forth. Recorded with the Silverlake Music of Conservatory Children's Choir, Dead Man's Bones will be releasing their self titled record on October 6th, courtesy of the wonderful ANTI records, who also just released Rain Machine's album. You can pre-order this hauntingly eclectic album HERE. Check out "Lose Your Soul" below.

"Lose Your Soul" by Dead Man's Bones

Download via YSI or zShare

Visit the Dead Man's Bones MySpace page HERE. Details of their October 9th performance in Los Angeles, benefiting the Silverlake Conservatory of music can be found there. Tickets are priced at $100.

CLICK HERE for front page and full list of track postings.

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