Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just wanted to take the opportunity to mention the ongoing devastation in The Philippines. As a native Filipino, the images have hit home for me. We've seen what can happen with an ill prepared government during Katrina. This is several times worse, with a third world population. The economic times in our own country are the hardest we've seen in many years. But if you're able to, I plead with you to make a donation through Ebay HERE. Even if it's just a dollar, or a few dollars. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section after you have. We'd love to recognize your goodwill.

Much smaller in scope, please check out a few tracks below.

"Easy" by Thao Nguyen with The Get Down Stay Down
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Please visit the Thao Nguyen with The Get Down Stay Down MySpace page HERE.

Here's a track from the forthcoming Editors record, titled "In This Light and On This Evening". It is set for an October 13th release date. Pre-Orders are available HERE.

"Bricks & Mortar" by The Editors

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The Editors music is available on iTunes.

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PT Waller said...

$25. Done. Now what do I get? :)

eareyenosecandy said...

You get to be in god's good graces. Thanks again!