Monday, September 28, 2009

The Kids & O

Here's another track from the forthcoming "Where The Wild Things Are" motion picture soundtrack, courtesy of Karen O & The Kids. The film is set to open in a few weeks, on October 16th. Visit the movie's official site HERE. Check out "Worried Shoes" below, which we hear is a Daniel Johnston cover. Assumption that Spike Jonze & Karen O's breakup remains amicable, is further fueled by the full soundtrack, which is available for order and release tomorrow. More info at Amazon HERE.

On a side note, I'm incredibly excited to see this movie. My ADHD addled childhood prevented me from actually reading this book. Also, I'm that guy with lots of books on his bookcase, that was mostly an illusion used to impress women when I was younger, and to make them think I read a lot of books. It also took me many years to actually finish "On The Road"...probably as long as it took Jack K. to actually write it.

"Worried Shoes" by Karen O & The Kids

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