Monday, December 8, 2008

A youth that's sonic.

Boom Bip is Ohio native, Echo Park resident Bryan Hollon. With a strongly rooted and diverse background which started him off as a DJ, Boom Bip has constantly evolved himself into many facets of sound. He is the true definition of a musical artist. Amongst his long resume of remixing/reworking artists such as Mogwai, M83, and the Super Furry Animals, he also toured in support of Mice Parade and Interpol. His vast talent, and knowledge of music keeps him fresh, and always on the move. His constant reinvention makes him truly hard to classify, which to his credit would hardly do his music justice. Check out "Mannequin Hand Trap Door" featuring emcee Dose One, from 2002's "Seed To Sun".

Boom Bip releases available on iTunes or Amazon.

"Mannequin Hand Trap Door" by Boom Bip

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