Wednesday, December 10, 2008

From the mind of Chris Lilley...

Summer Heights High is a mockumentary that chronicles the daily school life of a Drama teacher, a misfit Islander, and an over privileged teen age girl in Australia, all played by the show's creator, Chris Lilley. Lilley plays "Mr.G", an overzealous Drama teacher who doesn't believe in limitations that are often presented in the landscape of a public school production. He also plays trouble making Jonah Takalua, a Tongan student who only hangs out with other Islanders in the school, and Ja'mie(pronounced Ja-may), a rich teenager who believes she's kind of like Princess Diana, gracing everyone with her presence and charitable deeds at Summer Heights High School. Lilley plays all the roles with such ease, that I found myself forgetting that the show is a lampoon of high school life, the first time I viewed it. The show is on Sunday nights on HBO at 10:30pm, and is an effective appetizer for the return of New Zealand's Flight of The Conchords on January 18th. Check out the trailer for Summer Heights High below.

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