Monday, October 11, 2010

Neutral Milk Monday

Here's two tracks I discovered on heavy discount, a la bargain bin deals...that in no way discounts or should deter you from these wonderful bands.

The first track is from Neutral Milk Hotel, from their 'Everything Is' EP. Check out the title track below.

(Somebody handed Paris a NMH cd...what's hidden inside of it?!)

"Everything Is..." by Neutral Milk Hotel

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Secondly we have a track from a great New Zealand act called Surf City. Check out 'Free The City' from their self titled Ep.

"Free the City" by Surf City

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Also for your video pleasure, check out a video from the Matador 21 party in Las Vegas a few weekends ago. Ted Leo joins Liz Phair onstage for a rendition of 'Fuck & Run'. I can't help but speculate, but did Liz and Ted get down and dirty in a Vegas hotel room last weekend? Even a small chance?! If only there were an Indie Rock TMZ.

Liz Phair & Ted Leo at Matador 21 Anniversary in Las Vegas

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