Friday, September 4, 2009

New Zealand Dub

Here's a track from everyone's favorite New Zealanders, The Flight of The Conchords. Their forthcoming album, "I Told You I Was Freaky", will be released by Sub Pop on October 20th. Pre-order is available through Amazon HERE. Everyone seemed to be pretty down on last season's episodes of FOTC, but HBO's recent re-runs prove to me, that it's worth a second viewing. Additionally, if I hear any more people complain about how "last season was not nearly as funny as the first season", I'm gonna have to track you down and leave poop on your doorstep. Too many people fail to consider the fact that the first season is comprised of a lot of songs they'd been working on for years, while the second season material was done in less time, in a progression. Great, now I'm talking like a Star Wars nerd.

"You Don't Have To Be a Prostitute" by Flight Of The Conchords

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Visit the FOTC iTunes store HERE.

Additionally, for those in Los Angeles, celebrating the long holiday weekend, I will be HERE on Saturday. Check out all the great bands at The Fuck Yeah Fest. I hope it's a great, safe event. So far, my biggest gripe is what seems to be several ploys to sell tickets on the quick, for slumping sales by the organizers. VIP tickets have been selling for cheaper than those of us who bought our tickets early. We have been given the 'option' of upgrading to VIP status for $45 a ticket, in addition to what already was paid, which hardly makes sense, because those same VIP tickets were selling for $21 a piece the other day. Dear Fuck Yeah Fest organizers, were there no Asians or Jews available to do the math for you guys? Do not fret, the organizers stated that everyone who bought tickets early would receive a 'special gift' for doing so. My guess is long beer lines and mysteriously aromatic port-a-johns.

Also taking place on the long weekend, I will be at Little Radio's Septembercamp. Performances by The Henry Clay People, Soko, and The Monolators this Sunday. More info can be found on Little Radio's site HERE.

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