Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Indie Rock Enthusiast

If you haven't seen the videos, or read the news, Jay-Z loves him some Grizzly Bear. Sean Carter was seen in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon with Beyonce, taking in a Grizzly Bear show. His thoughts on the future of Indie Rock can be read at Pitchfork HERE. Luke Steele of Sleepy Jackson/Empire of The Sun fame does guest on the album's opening track of "Blueprint 3".

There's been a lot of banter on the internet about the state of "Blueprint 3". While yes, I agree there are a few songs that leave a little to be desired (mainly "Hate"), one cannot deny the longevity and prolificness of Jay-Z's career. His longstanding relevance since 1996's "Reasonable Doubt" is to be commended. The fact that the large majority of his body of work stands the test of time is a testament to his legacy.

Check out my favorite track off "Blueprint 3", Jay's ode to New York featuring Alicia Keys. "Blueprint 3" is set for release on September 11th. Pre-order through Amazon available HERE.

"Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z

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Thenegativeone said...

I'm not sure I'm a big fan of Jay-Z's new stuff, I mean, I respect him as an artist, but, isnt he already loaded?
his new stuff doesn't sound exciting at all..
oh well, lets hope for some more fast paced stuff soon
good post.