Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This post is about drugs.

First off, we have a track from the new Warlocks record, titled "The Mirror Explodes". The album dangles a fine line between sonic abrasion and lonely tenderness, as if it's one's drug addled consciousness. The album is worth checking out, and available for order HERE. Check out "Slowly Disappearing" below. I thought musicians had their own drugs? A member of the Warlocks, who shall remain nameless, did copious amounts of drugs in my old Echo Park apartment at a party once...I know it's gossipy, but I was just surprised he didn't have his own stash is all...and The Warlocks had like 5 albums out at that point!

"Slowly Disappearing" by The Warlocks

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Next up, we have a great band from Chicago, called Apteka, which I hear means drug store. Fans of early Trail of Dead and International Noise Conspiracy will definitely appreciate this. Check out "She is Riots" below. Apteka will be gracing Los Angeles with a show this Thursday, June 4th, at The 3 of Clubs in Hollywood. Should be a great show. For more info, check out Apteka's MySpace page HERE.

"She is Riots" by Apteka

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Warlocks music available on iTunes.

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