Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunset Rubdown, lovedown.

(Photo by David Horvitz)

Here's a track from a 7 inch picture disc, from a series of 7 inches propelled and affected, by artist David Horvitz. Click here for more information on forthcoming 7 inches in this series from bands like No Age and Abe Vigoda. This is side B in Sunset Rubdown's 7 inch titled "Introducing Moonface". Here's a song titled "Insane Love is Awakening". There is something so nice about hearing the vinyl crackling.

"Insane Love is Awakening" by Sunset Rubdown

Download via YSI or zShare

Sunset Rubdown music is available at Insound, including a preorder of the forthcoming album "Dragonslayer" HERE.

CLICK HERE for front page and full list of track postings.


Nicole said...

can't wait for the new release! spencer can do no wrong in my eyes.

thanks for posting! great blog.

eareyenosecandy said...

Thanks, Nicole! We can't wait either...and we're not put off by the D&D-esque album title reference, as much as we thought we would be. Come back and visit often!