Thursday, February 26, 2009


Here's a couple of tracks from Jason Schwartzman's Coconut Records sophomore release, 'Davy'. I saw Jason Schwartzman years ago in front of The Roxy Theater in Hollywood. I had unwittingly tagged along to a Phantom Planet show. He was on the sidewalk of Sunset Boulevard, having an 'intense discussion' with Selma Blair, who I presume he was biblically with at the time. Fresh from his 'Rushmore' starring role, I was sure he'd heard the "Oh, are they?" line practically everywhere he went. So, I drunkenly thought I'd be original if I quoted a far less known line in the movie, that more importantly required the context involving the scene it came from. It was the line in which Max Fischer lying, and boastfully tells another student that he was kicked out of Rushmore, "You think I was expelled from Rushmore because of the Aquarium? It was the handjobs." It was the handjobs." A bit of advice, do not tell ANYONE the aforementioned words in public, "It was the handjobs."

"I Am Young" by Coconut Records

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"Is This Sound Okay?"

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Sarah said...

Brilliant post, so funny! And great songs too, I love Coconut Records, Jason Schwartzman and Rushmore!