Monday, January 19, 2009


Local heroes The Silversun Pickups are in the 'lab' working on an album titled 'Swoon'. Above are some behind the scenes photos. I hope 'Swoon' trumps the expectations an anticipated record often comes with. Check out the first version of 'Lazy Eye' that came with the first 'record', that the band would sell at their shows in 2003...brought to you from a CDR. It's a lot slower than what the eventual album versions would be.

"Lazy Eye (Original CDR version)" by The Silversun Pickups

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bleu said...

Cool, thanks for this demo version! I've only heard the album version around the net. I know a few friends that will really dig this. Thanks and take care.

EarEyeNoseCandyBlog said...

Thank you for your 'thank you'! I will try to post some other SSPU songs from this demo.

HTPRTF said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the demo! Cool to hear new (old) SSPU. So excited for Swoon...

Trevor said...

Thanks so much for posting this demo! I have been trying to find these demos for ages! I hope you post the rest, as I have had no luck finding them elsewhere.

If you have a real copy of the demo, you are one lucky person.

Thanks again!