Friday, December 23, 2011


                   (She whips her hair back n' forth also, Willow Smith!)

I'm dipping my toe into the Lana Del Rey fracas, with the Sirius XMU version of Video Games. It's been a while since I've seen such a polarizing figure in the music scene. Deep hatred, or deep nerd love, is all I've come across in my LDR experiences, nothing in between. I can only say, for myself, that there is far worse out there in the Pop Spectrum.

And yes, her attractiveness has undoubtedly made her a target. As well as the fact that she doesn't sit in front of a piano, a la Tori Amos, and perform any instruments. The whole, Lana Del Rey is actually "Lizzy Grant" issue, plus she comes from powerful, parental influence and success, yes, these can all be factors in loathing and ridiculing her, I agree.

However, you cannot deny the well polished product that is her brand of Pop music. The Born to Die video is an example. Her inevitable skyrocketing success, has just been stamped by an upcoming musical guest slot on SNL in January.

Check out the Sirius XMU session version of Video Games below. Also check out a collection of live clips, when LDR played the Troubadour earlier this month. I must confess, I think a lot of these live clips seem more like a terrible performance at a small town mall, but hey...being a big star is often a work in progress.

"Video Games" (Live on Sirius XMU) by Lana Del Rey

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