Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 in 30

Growing up can be hard (on your records). In the last year, I've gotten married, bought a house for the first time, thrown around the idea of making babies, and stood pat at my crappy day job.

The stream of good music has been consistent, but writing with frequency has not. That's why I'm challenging myself to write for the next 30 days, with 30 songs in tow. Any lapse in days will be made up in the next day I write...I will do my best to avoid 29 songs in one post, 29 days from now.

ARCADE FIRE at The Shrine Auditorium

Tonight, the Arcade Fire will open a two night stay at L.A.'s historic Shrine Auditorium. I sure hate big shows, with droves of people, but I just can't stay away from seeing them tonight. I've seen them play at least once, for every album they've put out. Can't say enough about their live experience.

Check out one of my favorite's from 'Neon Bible', 'Ocean of Noise' below. A word about the show at The Shrine tomorrow...

"Ocean of Noise" by The Arcade Fire

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