Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rock The Bells

How fun is this album? Check out "Kids" by the highly buzzed, Sleigh Bells. This Brooklyn duo brings the goods on their debut recording "Treats". The duo consists of Derek Miller, formerly of Poison The Well, and singer Allison Krauss who was formerly in a teenage pop act called Rubyblue. I'm gonna give these guys a pass on these youthful blunders, as "Treats" is just that good.

While we're not even at the end of May in '10, I'm gonna tap "Treats" for album release of the year. Enjoy "Kids", kids.

"Kids" by Sleigh Bells

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Visit the official Sleigh Bells SITE.

Pre-order a physical copy of "Treats" from Amazon.

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Sound Verite said...

Treats for album release of the year. Really, it's fun and all...but

Sleigh Bells

eareyenosecandy said...

Agreed in now hindsight, Double J...I do still love this track a whole lot, however...