Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is it good for?

Here's two tracks in the aftermath of President Obama's speech last night, calling for an increase in troops in Afghanistan. Didn't we win all those wars already? We had that big ceremony where W dressed like an action figure, on top of that destroyer, all those years ago. Looks like more fodder for Glenn Beck and company.

Check out the first track "Intro", from The XX, featuring Jimmy Jams of Brother Reade on vocals of this remix, in reference to World Wars Three and Four. I can't stress how lucky the city of L.A. is to be blessed with Brother Reade.

"Intro" (Featuring Jimmy Jams of Brother Reade) by The XX
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And lastly, here's a track from the pride of Hoboken, New Jersey's Yo La Tengo. Its a cover of a Sun Ra track, titled "Nuclear War". I read some time ago that the band members coerced their nieces and nephews to help record this track, without telling their parents of the obscenities involved. There's something refreshing about hearing a chorus of kids chant, "It's a motherfucker!". Give a peep to the track below.

"Nuclear War" by Yo La Tengo

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jon jon said...

yup, I fucks with President Obama, but another war is not a glook. nice remix of xx track.

ps. it just seems to easy to pile on ,like the country is goin the way of Gary, In ...everyday,lol.


eareyenosecandy said...

Thanks, Double J! Your site's looking great as always.