Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Local Music.

One of the tallest bands we have in L.A., The Coco B's make me feel warm and carefree, upon hearing their music. Straight forward pop stylings that will ring in your ears and last in your mind. I also have the pleasure of knowing Coco B's percussionist Bob Penn, an enthusiast of all things zany in life. The Coco B's also have a merchandise page, here. The Coco B's are currently in 'the lab' recording new material...probably not at this particular moment, but when they have time. Check out "Modern Lover" and "I Live in L.A." below.

"Modern Lover" by The Coco B's

Download here

"I Live in L.A." by The Coco B's

Download here

Live perfomance of "Modern Lover"

Coco B's music is available on iTunes. Visit The Coco B's blog here, and 'fan them' on your Facebook, here.

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