Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proper L.A.

Just wanted everyone in L.A. looking for a to do this Thursday night, to check out a great show, from London-Transplant, now L.A. inhabitant Samuel Stewart. He is the offspring of Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. Fans of The Decemberists and The Thermals should check out this British Import. See show flyer below, and give a listen to "The Beginner". You can also check out Samuel Stewart's MySpace page HERE. Stewart will be playing at Spaceland and The Silverlake Lounge next month.

A little side story about the offspring of famous musicians: A few years ago, I was privileged to see The Police on their reunion tour, with front row seats. Opening for them, was Sting's son's band...let's just say he had to endure drunken berating about how it probably took Sting several hours to produce what was now onstage playing severely bad prog rock. From the sounds of Samuel Stewart's EP, he will not be subject to the same fate.

"The Beginner" by Samuel Stewart

Download via YSI

Also, here's a track from the highly anticipated, forthcoming Vampire Weekend record, "Contra". Check out "Cousins" below. We're quite positive it is not a reference to the late 80's movie starring Ted Danson, with the same name. "Contra" has a January 12th, 2010 release date. You can pre-order the album HERE.


Vampire Weekend music is available at iTunes.

for front page and full list of track postings.


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