Thursday, October 8, 2009


Anyone seen the Zooey Deschanel commercial for Cotton? Yes, Cotton...the fabric. I just can't get into her music career. I think she looks incredibly great in this commercial great in fact, that this Cotton commercial made me briefly forget about slavery! See for yourself below.

Since it's been a few days, check out some tracks below!

First off, here's a track from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! frontman Alec Ounsworth's solo record, titled "Mo Beauty". Not sure what CYSY is up to these days, but Alec's record will be released on October 20th, by busy label ANTI-Records. You can preorder it HERE.

"South Philadelphia (Drug Days) by Alec Ounsworth
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Also check out L.A.'s own, Brother Reade member Bobby Evans' remix of a Silversun Pickups song off the last album. Nice to see fellow East side L.A. artists tipping their hats off to each other.

"Panic Switch (Bobby Evans Remix)" by Silversun Pickups
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Brother Reade, and Silversun Pickups music is available at the iTunes Store.

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