Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I was dressed for succ...

Pavement will be reuniting for what looks like one show only, so far, in New York's Central Park, next Summer. Details are available at Pitchfork. The Pixies are also touring in support of playing "Doolittle" in its entirety. They're playing two nights at the Hollywood Palladium in LA, in November. You can get tickets with an astronomical surcharge HERE. We would love it if The Stone Roses or Ride would be gracious to oblige to a reunion tour also.

"Here (Live Peel Session)" by Pavement

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(The future Mr. Deschanel)

In other news, I continue to be ashamed to like Death Cab For Cutie at my age. They just recorded a song for that Vampire movie with that chick from "Panic Room", who touches her hair and cowers with her shoulders slumped a know, "shoegazing". You can check out the song HERE. I kinda liked Ben Gibbard when he was heftier, and before he was engaged to the "She" portion of She & Him, is that what they're called? His and Hers?

Check out the Pavement iTunes store HERE.

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