Monday, September 21, 2009

Flaming O's

I've never been a huge Flaming Lips fan. It always struck me as strange that they achieved their current status, even after creating THIS. And, is that Wayne dude still rolling on top of the audiences at festival shows in that big bubble? However, I am liking what I'm hearing from their forthcoming "Embryonic" record. You can pre-order the album before it's October 13th release date HERE. Here's a track that features Karen O on guest backing vocals. If you listen real close, you can hear her.

"Watching The Planets (featuring Karen O)" by The Flaming Lips
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Visit the Flaming Lips official site HERE.

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Neil Cake said...

Wow. Watching the Planets is AWESOME.

I'm very excited about the new album. Everything I've heard from it so far is exactly what I wanted from the Lips - epic but noisy, the same but different.

I was worried that they'd lost their way after the unremarkable At War With the Mystics, but this time it looks like they've managed to marry their mid-period noise experiments with their more recent epic soundscapes.


Steven said...

wow...knocked me inot space, one of the best flamin' lips songs heard it do it know!?

Anonymous said...

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