Thursday, August 27, 2009

Karen O & The Kids and some Gossip

Here's a track from the forthcoming "Where The Wild Things Are" film. Check out "All Is Love" by Karen O & The Kids. The Spike Jonze film will be released on October 16th. I guess you can always tap your ex-gf for a soundtrack need? You can see the latest trailer for the film HERE. It's gonna take me some getting used to hearing James Galdolfini as one of the voices.

"All Is Love" By Karen O & The Kids

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Also, here's a track from the lastest Gossip record, titled "Music For Men". The song is called "2012". "Music For Men" will be released on October 6th. You can preorder the album HERE. I think the Gossip are pretty underrated in the grand scheme of things. "Music For Men" is a pretty great collection of songs, and should garner some year end honors, before 2009 is done.

"2012" by The Gossip

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The Gossip music is available on iTunes.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs music is available on iTunes.

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jon jon said...

yo glook, my ipod was waiting for Karen O.


eareyenosecandy said...

No sweat Jon Jon. Thanks for all the links.