Friday, May 22, 2009

For your 3-Day

Here's a couple of covers for our three day. First up, is David Pajo, formerly known as Papa M. Here's a track from an all acoustic Misfits cover album titled "Scream With Me". It can be purchased on vinyl HERE.

"Attitude (by The Misfits) by Pajo

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And here's one of my favorite examples of cover, from a few years back, during a KEXP session. It's Rogue Wave covering Nirvana's "On a Plain". They follow what I think should be the model for covering well known tracks, which is taking it and making it your own. No kudos though, to Rogue Wave's cover of "Maps" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They just missed the mark on that one.

"On a Plain (Nirvana cover on KEXP) by Rogue Wave
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Rogue Wave Music available on iTunes.

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