Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sweet Sounds of Camera Obscura.

"My Maudlin Career" by Camera Obscura, will be released on April 21st, on the still wonderful 4AD Records. I can't tell you how many lonely nerds I've heard in my lifetime comment on this Camera Obscura album cover. I think the general consensus amongst them was, "Now there's two non-threatening ladies that look like they wouldn't be totally mean to me and make me feel like shit! It also looks like they'd tolerate my obsessive music collection!". Of course they are. Check out "The Sweetest Thing" below. Also, preorder "My Maudlin Career" through Amazon here, or Insound here.

"The Sweetest Thing" by Camera Obscura

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Camera Obscura music also available at iTunes.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What is the last line?

You challenged me to write a love song
Here it is I think I think I got it wrong
I thought this song would never take
((the pain was too much in letter sending oh it's my sentence))