Friday, January 2, 2009

Your Band Name Sucks.

I hate a lot of bands in L.A. Soon to come...a comprehensive list of bands with the most uncreative, uninspiring, and ridiculous names, that are currently playing the Los Angeles area. It's not the same as judging a book by it's me, I can tell the following bands are shit. Just from a quick glance of The L.A. Weekly, here's a few turd sounding bands with delusional dreams, that are helping crud up this already overcrowded and heavily trafficked town: The Toy Yodas, He's Not Gay, Wooden Robot, Bundy, GodForbid, P-Dubb, Blue Sky Reality, Run Doris Run...just to name a few. Also, if you're in a cover band, just sell your equipment and call it quits. A message to all these bands: "Your band is shit. Do something drastic to yourself, and someone may hear about you. In the meantime, playing The Whisky and having to guarantee them you're gonna sell a shitload of overpriced tickets, or the shitty club on top of The Roxy is annoying for me to have to read about." All these 'we're gonna make it' bands are driving me to listen to real bands from yesteryear. Check out below:
"Chicago Piano" by Jawbox

Download here

"Precision Auto" by Superchunk

Download here

Jawbox and Superchunk music available at iTunes and Amazon.

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