Monday, January 26, 2009

You Don't Have To Be A Prostitute.

I consider last night's episode of Flight of The Conchords as their official 'return'. Especially the 'You Don't Have To Be a Prostitute' jam. Check it out below. Also, a Monday morning track.

"Out In The Streets" by The Shangri-La's

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"You Don't Have To Be a Prostitute"

Shangri-La's music available at iTunes and Amazon.


Dan said...

A takeoff on Sting's Roxanne.

EarEyeNoseCandyBlog said...

That thought popped in my head when I first saw the great shot of Jemaine in the window, with the 'red light' illuminating him.

Dan said...

and the reggae beat.

EarEyeNoseCandyBlog said...

Very astute of you Dan. Thanks for visiting.

Carly said...

Everyone's saying this season is weaker and forced. But I really enjoyed this episode! I think it's true to form. That they are doing a tribute to Police doesn't weaken them, since tribute was part of the reportoire before.

EarEyeNoseCandyBlog said...

Thanks for stopping by, Carly. I agree. I think it's become quite cliche for people in these circles to be jaded, and come to expect so much from artists like FOTC. Myself included. When the show started, people became hooked, and had come to expect more and more, every time. So when it is perceived to be a letdown, people can react rather judgingly. If you don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that.