Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Does he still want pre-nup?!

I'm convinced that Kanye West's new record was ghostwritten by Enrique Iglesias...or whatever moron wrote that stuff for Enrique Iglesias. 808's and Heartbreaks is Kanye's fourth release, and has made me proclaim like an old man, "Rappers ain't rapping?!" What's next? Will Charlie Sheen stop soliciting prostitutes?! Will Madonna stop sleeping with Latin ball players?! Kanye's new record is R&B heavy, and much maligned with his woman problems on seemingly every track, assuming it's due to his ex-fiancee Alexis Phifer. My humble suggestion is back to basics on his next record. Check out the fairly listenable "Streetlights" below.

"Streetlights" by Kanye West

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