Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gerry and The Holograms

This is another track from the great Diplo v. Santogold mixtape, previously posted, and including link to full mixtape for download here. There's not much info out there on Gerry and The Holograms, other than this was originally released in 1979. Check out Diplo's remix below. Is it me, or does this remix remind me a little bit of New Order's "Blue Monday"?

"Gerry and The Holograms (Diplo Remix)" by Gerry and The Holograms

Download via YSI or zShare

Gerry and The Holograms available on a punk comp here.

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JohnnyPScott said...

Gerry is back and roaming,all 16 or is it 1?Check out the 2 vids on YouTube,one colour,one b/w.Type in JohnnyPScott